Author Craft Review 2: Jenn Marie Thorne’s The Inside of Out

The purpose of this blog is to highlight techniques/tricks used by recently-published authors, so that upcoming authors can build a relevant reading list based on what publishers are currently buying.

TODAY’S BOOK: In my desperate hunt to find contemporary YA novels with activist youth to use as comparables for my own work, The Inside of Out met my parameters: traditionally published, strong voice and interesting story. A jam-packed page of reading scribbles later, it wasn’t easy selecting only three things Jenn Marie Thorne did especially well in The Inside of Out. But narrow I did, and recommend for aspiring YA authors I do.

THE STORY: Passionately supportive after her best friend comes out to her and outraged by an archaic no-same-sex-dates school dance policy, notorious over-committer Daisy makes an epic public pledge not even her fellow Gay Alliance group members will be able to save her from after it goes viral.

Here’s what I think Thorne did especially well.

THE INVERTED TROPE: Not only did Thorne flip the evil-former-best-friend trope on its head, but she made all the other inverted tropes jealous in the process. Early on, current best friend Hannah comes out to main character Daisy, which Daisy is over the moon about, having expected the admission for some time. But when Hannah walks into their fav hangout hand in hand with Daisy’s evil former best friend Natalie, it’s heart-wrenching awesomeness with an LGBTQ+ twist.


THE VOICEY YA NARRATION: From creative dialogue tags, to fun voice and facial cues, Thorne conveys emotion and descriptions via genre-relevant turns of phrase I wish I’d come up with. Someone chew-mumbles their dialogue, another spatters a series of non-words, then there’s a hot-glued stare, and a voice just this side of cult leader.


POST-CLIMAX PEP: After the final showdown with the antagonist, there is no loss of energy. Instead, readers are treated to a cast of character arc resolutions, and in quick progression.



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