Author Craft Review 4: Catherine McKenzie’s Fractured

The purpose of this blog is to highlight techniques/tricks used by recently-published authors, so that upcoming authors can build a relevant reading list based on what publishers are currently buying.

TODAY’S BOOK: I’m shelving Fractured as a multi-timeline domestic thriller, told in first person past tense, from two alternating points of view.

THE STORY: Escaping a stalker, when successful author Julie moves her family across the country, a friendship with neighbour Daniel tailspins a series of events that ends in a courtroom.

Here’s what I think McKenzie did especially well:

WRITING THE WRITER’S LIFE: For all the writers out there wanting to make a point-of-view character an author, McKenzie relays the honest moments and emotions that go hand in hand with the profession, from meeting daily word counts, to what happens when you encounter a stranger reading your book, to dealing with unhealthy fan obsessions.


JUGGLING LIKE A CHAMP: Sure, some authors can pants their way through a multi-timeline, multi-POV manuscript, but many will drop a few balls along the way. If the next writing project on your docket is a complex thriller, consider studying how self-admitted hybrid plotter-panster (or plantser, if you will) McKenzie’s lawyer-ly mind catches all those balls before THE END.


FLASHBACK TRANSITIONS: McKenzie’s flashback style is often seamless to the point where I didn’t realize I was in one until I finished reading it. I had to trace back to where it started to find the transition.



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