My Top Five Writing Anxieties (#IWSG Blog Hop)

Are my top 5 writing anxieties the same as yours? #amwriting #amediting

For my first monthly post in the Insecure Writers Support Group Blog Hop, I choose to write about my writing fears, with the hope I can own them. In ascending order of mind-numbing horribleness, here are my plotting and daily word count anxieties:

  1. I’ll realize I didn’t adequately plot my story, and fall into a plot hole so big, I’ll wake up screaming every night because I can’t crawl out. And my fingernails will get all dirty and shit from the dirt in my big dirty hole, and then my keyboard will get stupid clogged.
  2. With a novel pressing on my temporal lobe, or whatever lobe it is that triggers kindness and tact, I’ll alienate friends, family and everyone I cross paths with. Then my only friends will be my characters, and what if they suck?
  3. I’ll fall a day behind in my daily word count goal, or heaven forbid, TWO. Then my self esteem will plummet to the wrong side of the Charlie Brown-Trump spectrum, never to recover. You may be asking yourself, which side is the wrong side? Good question friends. Good question.
  4. I’ll be so focused on hitting the magic word-count number that I’ll sacrifice quality for quantity, and the result will be a big pile of incoherent words, stinking up the compost pile.
  5. I’ll burn out, then allow myself to take a break from writing under the pretense of recharging, only to realize it’s a year later, and the best writing I’ve done was the snappy answer on that survey where the only options given were “male” and “female.”

Add your plotting and daily word count anxieties to the comments, and may the act disencumber you of the icky feelings that hold you back from setting or reaching your writing goals.

Writing Anxieties

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Are my top 5 writing anxieties the same as yours? #amwriting #amediting

21 thoughts on “My Top Five Writing Anxieties (#IWSG Blog Hop)

  1. Off to a roaring start with 3019 words today, a direct result of ignoring email and social media until 11 a.m. Banking the extra words because ugly stuff happens in the middle of the month, whether it’s a sagging middle or life in general.

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  2. I think you have comedian down, you made me laugh. Don’t stress over daily word counts, do weekly word counts. THAT way you can always catch up. Except during NaNo. This is when you just have to get the words down and you can dig yourself out of that dirty hole in December and most of 2017.

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  3. Oh god no – you’ve set off a huge wave of anxiety with your blog post. I also signed up for NaNoWriMo and wonder whether I can do it. At all. Don’t even talk about Plot Holes – please – it’s just too terrifying. Will write first and fix it all later.
    Great post – btw.

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  4. LOL. I’m just hoping my fictional friends stay awesome – I’ve definitely alienated people in the last 48hrs. During NaNo I ignore plotholes even if my words seem a little, ah, superfluous and too obnoxious for the compost heap – all of that is a problem for December 😉 Great post. Keep writing!

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  5. I can certainly relate to all of these. Whenever I feel as though I’m falling down a plot hole during NaNo, I jump out into a completely different scene and hope that helps me work my way out of it. As others have said, I can always fix it up later. Welcome to ISWG and best of luck with NaNoWriMo!

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  6. Hi, Raimey, welcome to the IWSG. I don’t plot at all since I’m a total pantser. Just remember the story is in your head and you can always change it, whenever. I wish you much luck with NaNo, something I could never do because I write like a snail and I’d freak with word count.

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  7. You have channeled my inner hell! I have managed 1 through 4 almost every day this week. I’m thinking a snappy response on a survey might give me some grim satisfaction at this point.

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  8. I’ve come to the conclusion that fear is a good thing. It keeps us motivated. Hi Raimey, I’m originally from Portage La Prairie. I’ve got a huge Winnipeg family, though. Wave at them for me, will ya? Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  9. Welcome to the IWSG, Raimey! I got a kick out of your top five writing insecurities! I share every one of them. There’s nothing worse than having a plot hole, except perhaps having your spouse point it out to you! LOL Good luck with NaNoWriMo this month!

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  10. I have all of these, Raimey, and I have decided that I’m not paying any of them any mind, esp the one about sacrificing quality for quantity. After all, this is an exercise in discipline to see if you can commit to writing every day for 1,667 words, not an exercise in editing and perfecting. Keeping it all in perspective allows me to ebb and flow as needed. Loved #5, the most because yes, we all have days like that, but judging from your post, you don’t have many — certainly not a year — and you will be okay writing-wise (although I can’t speak at all for the rest! — haha!). Your friends are waiting to support you, not be alienated from you, and you may surprise yourself with what comes of this month because you are committed, invested, and engaged, all elements of success!

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