On Underrepresentation

Below are quick links to my blog posts for authors about underrepresentation in Publishing:

How white people uphold systemic racism in publishing: White people uphold systemic racism in publishing by not doing the right thing sometimes when it means doing the right thing will benefit people of color and especially BIPOC (Black and Indigenous people of color) in publishing more than it will benefit white people. Upholding systemic racism happens with both actions and inactions. The latter is what we’re focusing on here, which is to say, doing nothing. The only thing necessary for systemic racism in publishing to triumph, is for authors and other publishing professionals to do nothing.

The 2 kinds of diversity advocates in publishing: You might have noticed that a 9,000-member literary organization has been in the news since it wrongfully censured author Courtney Milan on December 23, 2019. I’m a member of that organization and a white woman, and I am still watching as other members who are also white women, over and over again, refuse to believe women of color. This is the lesson I learned from them.

Action plan for making Publishing representative: Romance author Melanie Greene workshops her ideas for how authors can help make Publishing diverse, inclusive, accessible, and equitable.